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Problem Potential Solutions
The Picture is Noisy, Bad or Missing Check to make sure the power brick is outputting 12 volts DC. If it is, open the Wii and check the SMD Electrolytic capacitors on the board. The easiest way to check if the video filter SMD capacitor is faulty is to use a composite cable and check the video signal before and after going into the capacitor. Video source:
No Power
  • Check power brick and make sure it's outputting 12V
  • Check motherboard and make sure 12V is being deliverd to F2
  • Make sure F2 isn't blown
Power/Reset/Eject/Sync Buttons don't repond/have to be pushed hard Replace buttons
SD Card does not read
  • Check FIL43
  • Check continuety between pins CD and CD/WP. When the SD card is inserted, it connects these 2 pins to tell the system that an sd card is inserted. If there is no continuity then the sd card slot is broken. Either run a jumper wire between both pins or replace the slot.
Green light but black screen
  • Detach and reattach the bluetooth board.
  • Check connector and pins to make sure they aren't damage
  • Replace bluetooth board
System can't connect to wifi
  • Check wifi antennas to see if they are unplugged
  • Replace wifi chip
System won't read discs
  • Make sure all the cables are plugged in properly
  • Listen/watch to see if the disc spins
  • Clean debris out of the disc drive
  • If disc doesn't spin, replace spindle motor
  • If laser doesn't move, replace laser motor
  • Adjust the POT on the laser. Measure the POT first. Counterclockwise decrease the resistance and clockwise increases the resistance. The less resistance, the more power the laser has. The more you decrease the resistance, the higher chance the laser has of burning out and burning rings into your discs. Adjust the pot slowly counter clockwise. decrease only about 50 to 100 ohms. If this doesn't fix the laser issue, replace the laser.
  • Replace laser
  • Replace disc drive
Discs have rings burned into them
  • Increase the resistance slowly on the POT. Measure beforehand and aim for adjusting it 50 to 100 ohms. If this causes the laser to not read the disc, replace the laser.
System won't insert/eject discs. System inserts/eject discs slowly
  • Take apart disc drive, clean and inspect for broken components
  • Make sure all the cables are plugged in properly and aren't damaged
  • Replace disc drive
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