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The Xbox Series X hasn't shown many fault traits yet, but there have been a few problems with popular "user damageable" parts such as the HDMI circuit. HDMI ports are very weak for the Series X and tend to break easily. You can avoid this by keeping the console in a safe location and ensure there are no trailing cables or potential to fall down. Keep them as low to the ground as you possibly can and clean them out regularly using a can of compressed air inside the vents.

Pinout for bypassing the ESD Protection IC

Known Faults[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

No Power

  • Check Power Cable
  • Ensure 12v Is Coming From Power Supply To Mainboard
  • Replace HDMI Encoder (Currently Not Available to Purchase)
  • Check For Shorts On 12v, 5v, 3.3v, 1.8v, 1.1v

No Display / No Video Output

  • Put your xbox into low resolution mode. (Link bellow)
  • Replace HDMI Cable
  • Inspect HDMI Port For Damage
  • Check EMI Filters Below Port
  • Check HDMI Encoder (Possibly Not Available To Purchase)
  • Check ESD Protection IC (Underside Of Motherboard) - You could also bypass the ESD Protection IC by using the pinout shown.
  • Check 2151 5v Transistor. Can Be Replaced With Similar Transistor From OG Xbox One Ethernet Circuit

Automatic Shutdown after pressing the power button

  • Shutdown within 3 seconds: Short on 12v power rails.
  • Shutdown within 10 seconds: Short on APU power rails.

If shorts are found on the rails' capacitors, it is probably a chip surrounding them instead of the capacitors themselves. Try to remove surrounding chip one by one and test if the shorts are still there until you find the faulty chip.

System turns off after starting gameplay

  • Clone the M.2 original SSD to another original SSD. The reason for this is a failing hard drive.

Part Numbers

  • 20535-010E-02 I-PEX Evaflex 5-VS series connector (aka nexus connector or push button connector)

There's a video on YouTube which goes over the fault finding process for no display when the port is not to blame. There's also a video on YouTube which goes over the replacement process for Xbox Series X HDMI ports.

Here is another Youtube video for bypassing the ESD Protection IC.

Low Resolution mode demonstration.

[Credits: TheCod3r]