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There are two LED indicators on the right hinge of the console. The power LED will light green when the console is operating normally, and the battery is at a good charge. If the battery level is low the color of the power LED will change to red. The console will enter sleep mode and the power LED will start blinking slowly when the screen is closed. When using wireless connectivity, the power LED will start blinking fast. The recharge LED will light red if the console is plugged in and charging. Once fully charged the indicator LED turns off.

Not charging / powering on[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Does not charge, but turns on

  • Check fuse F1
  • Check EM10 near charging port

Does charge, but not turn on. Green light flashes for a second

  • Check fuse F2
  • Check screen ribbons and WiFi Module connections. Startup test will fail if either one is missing

Does charge, but not turn on.

  • Check power button.

Does not charge or turn on

  • Try turning it on with a known good and fully charged battery
  • Check fuses F1 and F2

Random crashes and shutdowns

  • check battery in a known good device
  • Check if back side of bottom LCD is properly isolated, make sure it can't short out components on the PCB

Input / control problems[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Touch input problems

  • Replace Digitizer

D-Pad or A B X Y buttons not working

  • Open the device, remove the PCB, clean the contact points and the rubber parts
  • Check the rubber parts for damage. They will break if heavily used. A button may get stuck and will always make contact if broken. Replace if neccessary.

Shoulder buttons stuck or unresponsive

  • Check if buttons are assembled correctly. Buttons can become unresponsive if the spring is missing or placed in a wrong way.
  • Check tactile switches, replace if broken

Display problems[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Top screen discoloration

  • Broken ribbon cable or broken LCD, replace top LCD assembly
  • loose connection of the ribbon cable

Bottom screen discoloration

  • Loose ribbon cable, check connections
  • Broken LCD, replace bottom LCD assembly. Be careful when removing the digitizer from the LCD to not damage it.

Screen too bright, too dark or flickering

  • Adjust contrast pot hidden under battery cover. VR1 (left) controls the bottom screen and VR2 (right) controls the top screen.

Other Issues[edit | edit source]

Mechanical issues[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Broken hinge

  • Replace top part of the case. Make sure to check upper screen ribbon for damage before fully reassembling the device

Scratched up touch screen

  • Replace digitizer and apply screen protector
  • Check touch pen for damage and replace if necessary

Top screen plastic cover falling off

  • Quick fix: Remove as much old adhesive as possible, then add 2mm double sided tape and glue the screen cover back in
  • Proper fix: Disassemble the device, pull back the top screen and replace all adhesive. Then put it back together.

Touch pen doesn't fit anymore

  • Open the bottom case, unscrew the tunnel which normally holds the touch pen and remove dirt / stuck objects

Hinge is loose

  • Often the housing piece that connects to the barrel hinge and covers the power light gets worn causing this issue.
  • If its not the housing, replace the barrel hinge.

Other[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

GBA games not loading

  • Test with a known good game cartridge. Some GBA games have an internal battery that can stop games from working properly when fully discharged.
  • Clean slot with compressed air and / or isopropyl alcohol
  • Check the game slot for bent pins. Replace slot if necessary

DS games not loading

  • Test with a known good game
  • Clean slot with compressed air and / or isopropyl alcohol
  • Check the game slot for bent pins. Replace slot if necessary

No WiFi, chat not working

  • Replace WiFi module
  • Check antenna cable for damage, esp. after removing the top screen. Replace antenna if the cable is damaged.

No sound or distorted sound

  • Check upper screen ribbon cable for damage. The audio signal travels through the flex cable to the upper part of the device
  • Check speakers for physical damage or dirt buildup. If in doubt replace speakers.
  • Check volume slider for damage

Microphone not working

  • Check the white microphone wire to make sure it's plugged in and not damaged
  • Replace microphone