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The iPhone 6 is the first iPhone with pull tab adesive under the batteries and Apple rerouted the Touch ID cable reducing the chances of destroying the fingerprint sensor when opening the phone.

Model Type Modem Region
A1549 6
A1586 6
A1589 6
A1522 6+
A1524 6+
A1593 6+

iPhone does not turn on[edit | edit source]

iPhone 6 is notorious for being the slimmest iPhone ever made (see Bendgate[1]). This, combined with the softer aluminum alloy used, causes the phone to micro-bend in the pocket, eventually causing components such as the CPU to become dislodged on the motherboard and stop functioning.

This issue had been mitigated in iPhone 6s with a thicker, harder alloy used for the body.

The touch screen is unresponsive or not working[edit | edit source]

If the screen is completely intact but somehow the touch screen is unresponsive and/or the top bar is flickering, it the issue is very likely not the screen's digitizer but an IC on the motherboard so replacing the screen won't work. Some viable temporary solution could be applying some pressure on the IC using some paper or heating the motherboard (to try to melt the solder under the IC). A more permanent solution will require replacing the motherboard or replacing the Two Touch IC.

iPhone boots to Apple logo, turns back off[edit | edit source]

This is taken from a blog post in 2018[2].


  • Turns on and shows the Apple logo for roughly 2 minutes and 10 seconds, then turns back off.
  • Does not turn back on by itself (not a boot loop).
  • Turns on without being plugged in and draws current when both on/off (not a battery issue).
  • Does not show up in iTunes EXCEPT when placing it in DFU mode.
  • In DFU mode, the serial number of the iPhone shows as NA in iTunes.


  1. Put it in recovery mode:
    1. Plug the phone in to turn it on.
    2. Hold the home button down until recovery mode is entered (this can take minutes). Letting go any earlier would cause it to turn off instead of entering recovery mode.
  2. After entering recovery mode, the iTunes logo with the data cable icon appears on the screen. The phone can then be recognized in iTunes to continue with restore or upgrade.