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iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

Problem Solution
No Power First thing to check is the 5G antenna that wraps around the frame.

Liquid can easily reach where the flex & the 5G module plug in, causing a VDD MAIN short.

Unplug it & check for corrosion.

Here's a video example of this scenario: https://youtu.be/flsO4yW3nSQ

Display black, but touch (somewhat) works. Phone makes charging sounds This is caused by a faulty OLED screen. The device was dropped (likely on the front) which killed the screen. It’s a very common issue with this model. If you look closely at the screen, there are probably “bubbles” or “dots” in it. Changing the screen will fix this issue.

The screen does not need to be cracked for this issue to occur! The phone can look brand new but may still happen after a drop. You may have luck with bringing it to Apple (under warranty or consumer law) and telling them the screen stopped working.

If you are reading this after the device is out of warranty, take a look at iFixit.com to find a complete guide on how to change the screen yourself.

- iPhone 12 mini screen repair guide

- iPhone 12 screen repair guide

- iPhone 12 Pro screen repair guide

- iPhone 12 Pro Max screen repair guide

Note: iPhone 12 and 12 Pro use the exact same display panel.

Screen stays super dim once it gets to the home screen. Symptoms:
  • Phone shows Apple logo at full brightness
  • Once it gets to the home screen, the display gets really dark
  • Some may confuse this as "no backlight"


  • Connect the ear speaker flex to get the brightness to work
  • If it still does not work, then maybe the original ear speaker flex is bad
    • So in this case, try a new ear speaker flex (but you will lose Face ID)

Here's a video explanation: https://youtu.be/ShqQwVfsBcU