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How To Fix iPhone 8 Stuck In DFU Mode. Error 4014

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How To Fix iPhone 8 Stuck In DFU Mode. Error 4014
Device IPhone 8, IPhone 8 Plus
Affects part(s) Main Logic Board
Needs equipment Soldering Iron, Hot Air Station, Microscope
Difficulty ◉◉◉◌ Hard
Type BGA, Soldering

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Problem description

How To Fix iPhone 8 Stuck In DFU Mode. When you try to update or restore, you will get iTunes Error Code 4014. The screen will stay dark or not lit up.

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  • You get no image from the screen
  • You plug into computer and iTunes/3U tools detects it in DFU mode
  • If you try to Update or Restore, you get these results:
    • iTunes Error Code: Error 4014
    • 3u Tools Easy Flash: Fails at 19%



  • Error 4014 is usually "NAND not detected".


  • Check the caps around NAND to see if they're shorted.
    • If there's a short, remove the shorted cap and try to boot the phone up.
  • If no short, pull the NAND and connect it to the JC P13 NAND programmer and see if it's readable
    • You can refer to this video for how to use the P11F Programmer:
    • If it doesn't read, the NAND is dead and needs to be replaced
    • If it does read a NAND, then you can reball NAND and install it again. The phone should boot right up.