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ZenBook 13 UX334FL

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Problem Solution
no Power,

19V stops at first inrush

limiter MOSFET (fg. 1)

  • measure Vin at the inrush limiter MOSFETS
  • Input area.png
    fg. 1: input area
  • the first MOSFET is not turned on at the gate
  • responsible is this BQ24780s chip

fg.2:VSYS area (

  • here ACDET should be over 2.6V, but is 1.6V
    • so ACOK is not triggered and ACDRV stays 0V
  • the shown short reduces the voltage
  • through voltage injection i found this:
Short area.png

fg. 3 shorted area

  • this cap pulled VSYS down
  • we replaced with 1uF/20V (measured at the other 3 caps, which are the same size