Xbox Series S

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Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S hasn't shown many signs of failure as of yet, with the exception of an intermittent shutdown on some consoles, which seems to work fine after a reboot. That said, this page will be updated as and when issues are found.

Known Problems And Solutions[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution
No power, no beep
  • Check HDMI retimer using diode readings diagram. Check power supply. Check for shorts to ground on 12v rail
No video output
  • Check HDMI port for damage. Check HDMI encoder using diode readings diagram. Check ESD protection IC using diode readings diagram.

HDMI Ports Now Available![edit | edit source]

HDMI ports are now available for this console on Aliexpress. The ports appear to be reliable and well made, and should be a trustworthy part to keep in your inventory.

Standby Voltages[edit | edit source]

This is a work in progress, but here's an ultra high resolution (108megapixel) image of the Xbox Series S motherboard, complete with some standby voltages for debugging. More images will come soon, but until I create a breakout cable the half of the board that is covered by the power supply cannot be accessed, so there's not a lot of test points which can be accessed for probing.

Standby Voltages Image

Diode Readings[edit | edit source]

I've obtained diode readings for the HDMI circuit, including the ESD boost protection IC which is another common failure point on games consoles such as the Xbox One S and X. These diode readings should allow simple diagnosis of key components on the HDMI circuit to aide in repair.

HDMI Circuit Diode Readings

Credit[edit | edit source]