Xbox Series S

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Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S hasn't shown many signs of failure as of yet, with the exception of an intermittent shutdown on some consoles, which seems to work fine after a reboot. That said, this page will be updated as and when issues are found.

Known Problems And Solutions[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution
No power, no beep
  • Check HDMI retimer using diode readings diagram. Check power supply. Check for shorts to ground on 12v rail
No video output
  • Check HDMI port for damage. Check HDMI encoder using diode readings diagram. Check ESD protection IC using diode readings diagram.

HDMI Ports Now Available![edit | edit source]

HDMI ports are now available for this console on Aliexpress. The ports appear to be reliable and well made, and should be a trustworthy part to keep in your inventory.

Standby Voltages[edit | edit source]

This is a work in progress, but here's an ultra high resolution (108megapixel) image of the Xbox Series S motherboard, complete with some standby voltages for debugging. More images will come soon, but until I create a breakout cable the half of the board that is covered by the power supply cannot be accessed, so there's not a lot of test points which can be accessed for probing.

Standby Voltages Image

A pinout diagram of the HDMI ESD IC has been created specifically for the Series S to assist with bypassing the ESD IC when donor parts are unavailable. This could cause resolution issues and you may have to go into settings and choose manual override to display in 1080p. To do this go to

Xbox menu > TV and display settings > Video fidelity and overseas > Set override to DVI

Then go back and set display to 1080p.

Some TVs and monitors will not output 4k with an ESD Bypass. There currently is no workaround to this.

Below image is not from series s, is instead from series x. I need a series s bypass image which doesn’t seem to exist.

HDMI ESD Bypass Pinout Image

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