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I love having everything in one place to document everything on a topic from a -> z, so that everyone has what they need when anything that needs it arises.

I like structure for everything to be easy to access too - I love organization and standardization!

I believe in building the collective knowledge so people can use it to surpass what I know and be better than me, so I can learn from them to surpass their level and contributions to collective knowledge too - like a knowledge-building circle! (the 'let's build something together commercial rolling in the background)

I've had many problems with electronics in my life that took me away from accessing what I need to on the computer, that I started to write it all down. These I hope to add to the repair wiki database.

I connected to the internet when it became public, as well as bought some of the first commercially available laptops.

I've had jobs fixing devices, as I was in an electrical engineering major previously. The jobs are over, but I want to continue where I left off.

I believe people shouldn't wait on money to get things done. If anything, making money should be separate from pursuing one's passions, as it just takes away from that direction if someone else uses money to divert from that. Moneyless world and moneyless jobs f-t-w (in a certain context of course)!

From knowledge and addressing needs comes wealth - so monetary/financial wealth can come from doing something for free, as the value that gets created and built upon has a monetary value that manifests itself in real life as real currency (this is how Richard Branson became a billionaire - not seeking money, but seeking getting things done that just happened to make him money, which was a bonus to help further building). Even if you don't get that money, someone else does, and eventually that may come to you - which is the greatest reward ever knowing something you did had an impact that worked that you knew about and came back to you, but it's just an indicator of what works and eventually can be pushed past to just build and create without financial interactions - they'll be separated.

So glad I can help out NYC - I used to live there and love it and hope it can be built to its potential like the potential and opportunity it opened for me - all the skyscrapers I could look up to that made it and said to me that if I work hard enough, I can be there at the top of them with them too.

Creating a reference helps to build upon that to do more advanced work for oneself - so it's for a personal benefit to reach new heights - lift and place onto the next level.