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PlayStation 2

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PS2 "Fat" Console
PS2 "Fat" Console with DualShock 2 controller. Model: SCPH-30000

PlayStation 2 is a video game console produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Japanese Launch Models

SCPH-10000, SCPH-15000, and SCPH-18000

Original "Fat" Case

SCPH-30001, SCPH-35001, SCPH-30001, SCPH-39001, SCPH-39001N, SCPH-39010N, SCPH-50001, SCPH-50010, SCPH-50001N, SCPH-50010N,

Slimline Case

SCPH-70011CB, SCPH-70012CB, SCPH-70001, SCPH-75001, SCPH-90001

Issues[edit | edit source]

No video output with component cable

When using a component cable make sure to set "Component Video Out" to "Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr" in the PS2 system configuration (you can do this by temporarily connecting back the RGB cable or by navigating blindly in the PS2 menu).

If a modchip is installed this may make no difference: some modchips have a so-called "greenscreen fix" for DVD playback, which basically forces the PS2 to only output RGB to avoid a green screen when playing DVDs.

Unfortunatly modchips diagrams are easy to find but there is no documentation for what each wire is needed for.

Modchip Greenscreen fix wire
M-7 GP 688L

If you cannot find the rsponsible wire, fully removing the modchip of course fixes this problem too.