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Black Nintendo Wii U console

This guide applies to both WUP-001 and WUP-101 models of the Wii U, as the only difference is storage capacity.

Problem Solution
Wii U System has both Nintendo Account

password set and parental control pin on

(Acct. Password & Pin Unknown)

If you purchased your Wii U second hand and it already has someones account on it, AND you can not get into system settings to reset...

You can do the following to reset the console:

  1. Select the user with the unknown password.
  2. Enter any random password to get access to network settings.
  3. Connect to WiFi access point.
  4. Once it says "incorrect password," go back to enter the user password again, but this time, select "I Forgot."
  5. HOLD Y Button along with "+" and "-" Buttons for 5-10 seconds until you see a reference code of 5 digits. (it will show up as #3 on the screen)
  6. Do not leave this screen and call Nintendo Support at 855.559.5568. Select Nintendo Account Support over the phone.
  7. The Nintendo Representative will help give you the unlock code to temporarily remove the Nintendo Account.
  8. Once in the Wii U Menu, go to "Settings" and make sure the date and time are set correctly.
  9. You can then follow the instructions to remove the Parental Control Pin from Nintendo's Website[Nintendo Support Page - Parental Control Pin 1]. (Or the customer support rep. on the phone can help with that)
  10. Once both the Account Password and Parental Control Pin are bypassed, the console can be reset to factory settings!
Wii U Homebrew Issues Visit for support
Wii U Gamepad won't connect
  • Make sure bluetooth antenna are plugged in properly and aren't damaged
  • Replace MICA2 Bluetooth Board
  • Replace Bluetooth antennas
Wii U Gamepad touch screen issues Replace touch screen
Wii U Gampad won't charge
  • Test with a known good charger
  • Visually inspect charging port to see if it's damaged, test pins to make sure they are connected
  • Check if F1 or F2 is blown
  • Replace charging port
Wii U Gamepad Screen is cracked/glitchy Replace LCD
Wii U Gamepad Error 165-3423 Replace MICA2 Bluetooth Board
Wii U Gamepad No Power
  • Unplug buttons, joysticks, speakers, bluetooth board, and wifi board to see if anything changes. If it does, plug everything back in one by one to see whats causing the issue
  • Check F1 and F2 to see if they are blown
  • Replace battery
Wii U Gamepad Buttons not responding
  • Clean button contacts and rubber pad with IPA
  • Test to see if bridging the connection with tweezers presses the button, If it does, replace rubber pads, if it doesn't replace the button ribbon cable
Wii U Gamepad Joystick Drift Replace Joystick

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