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MacBook Pro A2251 no camera detected repair

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MacBook Pro A2251 no camera detected repair
Device MacBook Pro A2251
Affects part(s) Motherboard, Display Assembly
Needs equipment multimeter
Difficulty 3. Hard
Type Micro-Soldering, Soldering

Problem description[edit | edit source]

Addressing issues with a MacBook (820-01949) not detecting the camera.

Symptoms[edit | edit source]

  • Camera not detected
  • Possible burned or exploded L8504 filter on TCON board

Solution[edit | edit source]

Identifying the problem[edit | edit source]

L8504 (Figure 1) -- No image yet. Help expand this page by uploading it

Check L8504 Continuity:[edit | edit source]

  • Use a multimeter in continuity mode to check L8504 (Figure 1).
  • Normal reading should be close to 0.01.
  • If L8504 is blown or burned, proceed to the "L8504 blown or visibly burned repair steps" below.

Test with Known Good Display:[edit | edit source]

  • Verify camera function using a KNOWN GOOD display assembly.
  • If the camera works with a different display, the original display might be faulty.
  • Make sure to check L8504 before diagnosing the display issue.

Solving the problem[edit | edit source]

Camera Works with Known Good Display:[edit | edit source]

  • If camera works with a known good test display, replace the display assembly.
R5610 (Figure 2) -- No image yet. Help expand this page by uploading it

L8504 Blown or Visibly Burned:[edit | edit source]

  • Understand that L8504 failure indicates a catastrophic short within the TCON board of the display or a melted/corroded display cable/connector.
  • Repair L8504 only after addressing the display issue, as L8504 might fail again if the display issue persists.
  • When replacing L8504, address corresponding pad and trace damage.
  • Use 36 or 37 AWG enamel coated copper wire for jumper wires due to webcam and ambient light sensor power requirements.
  • Connect jumper wire from the input side of the filter (PP5v_G3S) to R5610 (Figure 2) or a suitable point.
  • Apply conformal coating to jumper wire.
  • Use a 120 Ohm ferrite filter rated for 1.5 amps (402 package size).
  • After replacing L8504 and addressing trace issues, replace the display assembly or repair it by replacing damaged cables/connectors.

No Camera Function, L8504 Normal:[edit | edit source]

  • Attempt to restore T2/BridgeOs firmware via Apple Configurator 2 by entering DFU mode.
  • Ensure your Mac is on the latest macOS version.
  • Follow Apple's support article on reviving or restoring T2/BridgeOs firmware.
  • If no camera function after firmware revive, and other causes are ruled out, U8504 might be faulty, or there could be trace/resistor issues between the camera connector/U8504 or between U8504 and the T2 chip.
  • A hardware issue with the T2 chip might also cause camera detection problems.