IPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen Not Charging Repair

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IPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen Not Charging Repair
Device IPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen
Affects part(s) Motherboard
Needs equipment screwdrivers, pry tool, heat mat or heat gun, soldering equipment
Difficulty ◉◉◉◌ Hard
Type Soldering, Part replacement

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Problem description

Diagnosis and repair of an iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen that will not charge

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  • Device pulls zero or very few (0.01 - 0.15) amps from the charger.
  • iPad may or may not boot.


Diagnostic Steps

The charging port on this model often fails due to physical or liquid damage. Visually inspect the pins that make contact with the USB-C charging cable and replace the charging port if the pins are damaged.

These are the three most common motherboard components that can fail and prevent the iPad from charging:

  • CD3215C00
  • Tristar 610A3C
  • Charging IC 343S00235

Check for short circuits around each of these.

Repair Steps

Damaged / Corroded USB-C port:

Replace the charging port flex cable.

Short Circuit Near Charging Controllers:

Inject a low voltage into the shorted line and use a thermal camera or isopropyl alcohol to see which component is causing the short. Remove and test if the short is cleared. The most common charging chip to fail on this model is the CD3215C00.