IPad 7 Not Turning On Error 4013 Repair

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IPad 7 Not Turning On Error 4013 Repair
Device iPad 7
Affects part(s) Motherboard
Needs equipment Soldering equipment
Difficulty ◉◉◉◉ Specialist
Type BGA, Soldering

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Problem description

Diagnosis and repair of an iPad 7 that does not boot. Device may give error 4013 when trying to update or restore through iTunes.

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  • Boot looping on the Apple logo.
  • iPad may not show any sign of life at all.
  • Passes tristar tester.


This device is notorious for having CPU related issues. The logic board flexes and tends to disconnect traces under the CPU causing this issue. Reballing the CPU can sometimes fix the issue, but the CPU also can just fail altogether. Seems to be a very common defect for this model.