How to Fix an iPad Pro 10.5 That Randomly Restarts

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How to Fix an iPad Pro 10.5 That Randomly Restarts
Device IPad Pro 10.5
Affects part(s) motherboard
Needs equipment
Difficulty ◉◉◉◌ Hard
Type Soldering, Part replacement

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Problem description

There are a couple of common reasons that could cause an iPad Pro 10.5 to restart randomly or every few minutes. The two most common problems are:

  • Loose or Broken Coils (Inductors) - These can break or fall off the logic board after a drop.
  • Screen - A bad display can cause the iPad to restart every 60 seconds.
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  • The iPad will reboot randomly when using it.
  • After a screen repair the iPad will restart every minute.
  • After a hard drop the iPad will restart on its own.


Diagnostic Steps

Before you start blindly replacing parts, it's important to try to confirm what is causing the restarting issue by reviewing the Panic Log file. This is a file that is generated by the operating system to document the fault causing the restart.

To find the panic log on the device, go to Settings-> Privacy-> Analytics & Improvements-> Analytics Data-> Scroll down to the files starting with "panic-full..." & click on the most recent dated file.

Then you'll want to scan through the text for keywords that may point you to the cause.

For this model, look for where it says "no successful checkins from thermalmonitord" ... "Missing sensor(s):"

If you see:

  • TG0B - It's an issue with the battery or battery connector
    • Make sure the battery screw is fully tightened.
    • Check the pins on the battery connector to ensure they are not damaged.
    • Try a known-good battery.
  • (?) - It's a faulty screen
    • Try a known-good display.
    • Even if the screen appears to be fully functional it may be defective and causing the iPad to restart.

If you don't see any panic logs, inspect the coils around the power management IC on the motherboard. Look for any that are missing or loose. Gently poke all the coils, they should not have any give when pressed from the side.

Repair Steps

Video on replacing broken coils (NorthridgeFix)