How To Fix iPhone 4S With Short Battery Life

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How To Fix iPhone 4S With Short Battery Life
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Problem description

Short battery life (instant death, irregular charge time, ect.)

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Detail all measurable or observable symptoms in this section.

  • Short battery life
  • instant death
  • irregular charge time
  • & other similar behavior


This is often caused by a bad battery.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Test another battery

Repair Steps

  • - Remove the two P2 Screws at the bottom of the phone - push the back glass up towards the top of the phone. pull off glass gently.
  • - remove the two Philips 00 screws holding the battery connector on, (pay attention to placement of these screws)
  • - carefully remove pressure contact
  • - unclip battery connector
  • - pull battery tag ( if no tag, use 99% alcohol under the battery)
  • - place new battery, reassemble