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Common laser printer problems and solutions

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Common laser printer problems and solutions
Type Common issues and fixes"Common issues and fixes" is not in the list (Component, Circuit, Troubleshooting/Diagnostics, Method, Idea/Concept) of allowed values for the "Explanatory Guide Type" property.
Device(s) Printers
Problem Solutions
The printed page is all black (laser)
  • In AIO type cartridge unit. check the pins connecting to the AIO cartridge. Ensure they are not dirty or bent.
  • Check drum surface not damaged
The printed page is all white (laser)
  • Check laser path not blocked - ex: by a shutter failing to open
  • EMPTY toner
  • Image transfer belt completely torn apart
The borders of the printed page are dimmer than the center of the print (laser)
  • Dirty optical assemblies
  • Low toner
Black stripe at the side of each printed page (laser)
  • Replace toner.
Black line on COPIES, not prints (laser)
  • Check slit glass - tiny amount of whiteout or ink may be contaminating it.
After disassembling and reassembling the printer, control panel LEDs blinks randomly
  • Check that all ribbon cables are securely and properly connected.