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Common inkjet printer problems and solutions

From Repair Wiki
Common inkjet printer problems and solutions
Type Common issues and fixes"Common issues and fixes" is not in the list (Component, Circuit, Troubleshooting/Diagnostics, Method, Idea/Concept) of allowed values for the "Explanatory Guide Type" property.
Device(s) Printers
Problem Solutions
Inkjet printing carriage is stuck at the side of the printer (inkjet)
Random black spots on color print (inkjet)
  • Clean the dry ink under the printing head. If a proper cleaning solution is not available use ammonia-based glass cleaner (i.e. Windex). Do not use isopropyl alcohol.
After disassembling and reassembling the printer, control panel LEDs blinks randomly
  • Check that all ribbon cables are securely connected.
Printer reports inexistent paper jam (inkjet)
  • Clean the round-shaped plastic film that provides rotational info to the encoder.
Printed characters are blurry (inkjet)
  • Clean the long, thin plastic strip that provides longitudinal position information to the encoder.