A1474 2013 9.7" iPad Air

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The A1474 is a model of iPad Air from Apple released on Nov 1, 2013 and discontinued on March 21, 2016[1].

Problems[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Battery will not charge or power on

  • could be a bad tristar chip (U2)[2][3]

Powers up enough to show low battery screen when plugged in (draws 80mA), but wont hold the charge when unplugged.

  • might be just an old or defective battery that needs replacing
  • could it also be something shorting out on the board?

-No charging. Pulls full amperage when the charge is plugged in (approximately 2.3 amps) then drops to zero amps when fully booted. -Disconnecting the charger while at full amperage then replugging shows zero amps. -Device automatically boots when the battery is attached (no power button press or charger prompt to boot)

This is caused by a faulty PMIC. The PMIC fails quite often on the Air 1, Air 2, and Mini 1-4 series. Replacing the PMIC corrects the issue a majority of the time.