How To Fix iPhone 7 Unable To Activate Issue

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How To Fix iPhone 7 Unable To Activate Issue
Device IPhone 7, IPhone 7 Plus
Affects part(s) Main Logic Board
Needs equipment Soldering Iron, Hot Air Station, Microscope
Difficulty ◉◉◉◌ Hard
Type BGA, Soldering

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Problem description

iPhone 7 Unable to activate issue. It happens after you restore the phone with existing motherboard issues

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  • If a phone has been restored and stuck at the Hello screen
  • You try to activate and get the "Unable To Activate" screen


There are 2 potential causes

  1. Baseband issue. See the Baseband Issues guide for the full breakdown:
    1. Click here: How To Fix an iPhone 7 That Suddenly Developed a No Service Issue. Baseband Repair
  2. NFC issue.
    1. You most likely need to reball or replace NFC_RF