A1673/4 2016 9.7” iPad Pro

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ipad pro 9.7 issues
no display If you have no display with a known good display and can tell the device is on, the back light diode most likely blew out. This is a common occurrence when the ipad battery is left plugged in and the ipad on when plugging in a new screen. Multiple diodes along the board can blow out at once from this. It's a relative easy fix. This affects multiple ipad models but the 9.7 seems to be the easiest to blow out the diodes.
No power / charging Very common on this model for the Tristar to fail like the iphone 7.

A tristar failure or a bad charging port will show 0.00A on the amp meter.

Check for any damage on the charging port or the flex first if everything ok, change tristar (you can use the same iphone 7)

Another common fault is the coils around the Power Management IC, they get corroded and literally fall off the board, give them a gentle touch with the tweezers if they wiggle more then normal is recommended to change them.