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The PS5 being relatively new hasn't shown its' true colors yet. That said there are some common failures starting to show. More information will be added as it is gathered.

Common PS5 Problems[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

No Power At All

  • Check power supply is outputting 12v at PSU Connector on board
  • Check for shorts around rear of southbridge IC CXD90061GG
  • Video: (Credit: TheCod3r)

Single Beep From PWRBTN Roughly Every 30 Seconds

  • Check fuse F7002 for continuity. If blown you may need to investigate why it went bad (possible short on nearby 5v-3.3v step down converter
  • Check for shorts on 5v-3.3v step-down converter (TLV62090RGTR) directly opposite F7002 (APU side). The capacitor and IC appear to be common failures
  • Video: (Credit: TheCod3r)

No Display, TV detects a signal. HDMI port not physically damaged.

  • Try an HDMI port before assuming the Encoder (MN864739) is at fault, even if the pins feel solid.
  • If after an HDMI replacement you're still having the issue, find a donor with a power issue to take an Encoder (MN864739) from Ebay or MobileSentrix.

Blue Light of Death

PS5 Boots Into Safe Mode