MacBook Air A2179 clicking sound from CPU area repair: Revision history

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12 November 2023

29 October 2023

28 September 2023

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  • curprev 18:3118:31, 28 September 2023ASRepairs talk contribs 844 bytes +844 Created page with "{{stub}} {{Repair Guide |Device= |Affects parts= |Needs equipment= |Type= |Difficulty= }} ==Problem description== If you hear clicking sound from CPU area, this most likely means that the CPU is shorted in one way or another. Clicking sound likely originates from L7400, which powers many internal PCH functions. Clicking results from magnetic resonance within the coil, due to high load on the circuit from a shorted PCH/CPU. File:Placeholder image.jpg|thumb|Example image..." Tag: Visual edit