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MacBook Air A1932 Not turning on, pulling 0.10-0.25 A at 5V cycling repair: Revision history

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29 October 2023

22 October 2023

  • curprev 12:2012:20, 22 October 2023ASRepairs talk contribs 6,613 bytes +133 No edit summary
  • curprev 12:1912:19, 22 October 2023ASRepairs talk contribs 6,480 bytes +6,480 Created page with "{{stub}} {{Repair Guide |Device= |Affects parts= |Needs equipment= |Type= |Difficulty= }} ==Problem description== Diagnosis and repair for MacBook Air 820-01521 that is not turning on, pulling 0.10-0.25 A at 5V as measured with the USB-C meter while cycling. "Cycling" is a condition where the USB-C current meter turns on, displays a voltage and current, shuts off, and turns back on displaying a voltage and current again. This will happen continuously in a loop. This cond..." Tag: Visual edit