IMac 27" 2014 Single beep on boot repair

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IMac 27" 2014 Single beep on boot repair
Device IMac 27" (2014)
Affects part(s) Headphone jack
Needs equipment multimeter, soldering iron, soldering station
Difficulty ◉◉◉◌ Hard
Type Soldering

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Problem description

Solving a problem with the iMac 27" (2014) where the computer emits a single beep on booting up.

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  • Single beep on boot


The single beep on boot is caused by a shorted capacitor on the headphone jack (Figure 1). Disconnect the headphone jack and test to see if beep is gone. Remove headphone jack (it is double sided taped on) and test caps for continuity, remove or replace shorted cap (usually discolored). It is not strictly necessary to replace it, the value is unknown.