HTC Vive XR Elite Face Tracking Port Settings Fix

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HTC Vive XR Elite Face Tracking Port Settings Fix
Device HTC Vive XR Elite
Affects part(s) Port forwarding / software
Needs equipment software
Difficulty ◉◌◌◌ Easy
Type Software

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Problem description

Either face stuttering or no face tracking at all in apps like VrChat or ChilloutVr.

Usually caused by Vive copying VrChat's OSC code and forcing Vive's port to forward on the Ports used by other apps.

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  • VRCFT's incoming ping showing over the 1000's (usually when using OSC routers)
  • Avatar face stuttering/jittering from expression to expression
  • No face expressions being shown


For now, the simplest solution is to manually edit Vive's OSC Ports and update to the latest software via Vive Console.

uninstall any old vive face tracking software(ie. SRanipal) and make sure Vive's streaming software is installed for PCVR connection.

Software needed:

- VIVE Console -

(this includes the latest SRanipal software and no longer needs installed separately)


Open the programs, allowing SteamVr to open (even if headset isn't on.)

In VRCFT Module install, Install the SRanipal module, then in settings turn on Calibration and Continous Calibration.

Close SteamVr and other programs that popped up. This allows any data to populate that wasn't present before.

Go to C:\ProgramData\HTC\ViveSoftware\ViveRR\RRServer

edit/open both

- serverSettings.settings

- serverSettings.settings.sync

at the bottom of each will have "RAPILPS": 100,

After that line paste the text bewteen the lines:


"MMF": false,

"VOF": false,

"VRCSP": 9012,

"VRCRP": 9013,

"VRCHN": "localhost",

"PL": 0


*Some have had decent response with ("PL": 2) instead.

Reboot pc and start SteamVr with Vive connected. Open VCRFT then the social app you're using.

At first some expressions may not show, but continue using it and the Continuous calibration should fix and smooth out any issues.

(calibration can be running through a few expressions or after a few minutes of use. depends if you used a previous face tracker or not.)

Diagnostic Steps

Diagnostics are self-explanatory. As long as you're not routing other OSC apps, most diagnostics is visually seeing an odd ping or no expressions being shown and/or stuttering between the expressions.

Repair Steps