Disabling discrete GPU on Asus A75V/K75V: Revision history

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8 January 2024

  • curprev 18:5218:52, 8 January 2024ASRepairs talk contribs 738 bytes +56 No edit summary
  • curprev 18:5118:51, 8 January 2024ASRepairs talk contribs 682 bytes +682 Created page with "{{stub}} {{Repair Guide |Device= |Affects parts= |Needs equipment= |Type= |Difficulty= }} ==Problem description== When the discrete GPU fails on this laptop, it's easier to just disable it instead of replacing to get the laptop working again. This guide is valid for various Asus models from series A75 and K75, equiped with Compal LA-8371P board. The screenshots are from Rev. 1.1 boardview. File:Asus A75V-K75V figure 1.jpg|thumb|Figure 1.[[File:Asus A75V-K75V Fig. 2.j..." Tag: Visual edit