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Xerox WorkCentre 3655

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Problem Solution

Green Screen with the Energy Star Logo.

  • A green screen with the Energy Star logo is a sign that the ESS SD card has successfully initialized, but system software is not posting from the HDD.

Attempt a software "altboot" using a USB. Format the USB to FAT32. Obtain the software DML file from the download section of the Xerox website. Create a folder on your USB drive and name it "altboot". Place the DLM file in the folder and plug the USB drive into one of the USB ports on the back of the machine. Turn the machine on and wait. This procedure can take from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Sometimes the machine will sit on a black or green screen for up to 15 minutes before going into the software mode.

Failed HDD. This is a very common failure. You may replace the drive with another HDD of 120G or greater or with a SSD of 120G or greater. Once the disk drive is replaced, you will need to perform the altboot procedure to load software.

ESS Sata damage

Missing +5VDC from the HDD power cable.

Green Screen without the Energy Star logo.

  • A green screen without the Energy Star logo is a sign the ESS SD card is either corrupted, failed, or the ESS board has failed. This can cause the machine to freeze at startup or boot loop.

At this time SD images are only provided to xerox techs and are not available to the public. If you experience this failure, you may attempt to troubleshoot the SD card slot on the ESS board.