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Xbox One S

This page applies to the Xbox One S, Xbox One S All Digital, and all of the associated special editions, because they all have the same motherboard. Note: Some ICs may vary.

All Xbox One S models have a built in power supply, unlike the Xbox One.

Because of the vent being on the top of the console, water damage is common.

WARNING: The disc drive is married to each console. For a proper disc drive change, change the PCB inside the new disc drive to the old one. Not doing so will render the console unusable.

Problem Solution
Shuts off after 10 seconds with fan spin

Verify disc drive is connected properly, verify hard drive is healthy. Dead hard drive can cause this.

No Power

Check if you hear power supply chirping. Try inserting a disc. If chirping power supply and/or disc unsuccessful, you may have a shorted 12v rail/bad power supply.

  • Test a known working power supply.
  • Try without Disc Reader, if power then there is a short on that pcb(same short can cause error E100 00000703 80910008)
  • Try replacing the HDMI retimer (PN SN75DP159)(the xbox one X TDP158 retimer chip is also compatible). If the HDMI retimer is bad, this can cause a short on the 5v rail and prevent the console from turning on


  • Check mosfet drivers (NCP5901) for corrosion and/or damage on power phases
  • Check 2ohm resistors on power phases
  • Check mosfets on power phases (TPN8R903NL)

if not the power supply check mosfets on board under heatsink they commonly fail on xbox one S

Turns on but no output (black screen)

Possible dead hard drive. Try going into safe mode. Possible HDMI circuit issues.

  • Check ESD Protection IC (HDMIC24) located far left below the HDMI port
  • Check the HDMI retimer IC (SN75DP159) ( the xbox one X TDP158 retimer chip is also a compatible replacement )
  • Check for damaged HDMI pins or damaged HDMI header
  • Check HDMI ESD filters
"Something went wrong" error on boot

Possible corrupt (or too old) OS. Possible dead hard drive.

Try reinstalling the Xbox operating system with a USB drive, following instructions on screen. If that fails, try a different pen drive, or you need to replace the HDD, or the recovery image is too old, and the device is trying to prevent a software downgrade. If you just downloaded the recovery image, wait for the next recovery image (usually takes 1-2 weeks), and try again

Beeps but doesn't turn on or shuts down after 1-10 seconds

Check for corrosion around TPS51916 RAM IC

  • Check for corrosion around ON Semiconductor NCP4205
  • Check for corrosion around RAM or APU
  • Check for corrosion around front panel connector
  • Inspect ALL ports for damage including HDMI, USB, Ethernet etc
  • Check 1.1v, 1.8v, 3.3v, 5v rails for standby voltages (with PSU plugged in)
  • Check for corrosion around southbridge

A beep on and off error is the worst of the worst. It can be something very obvious, or a random blown resistor somewhere in a group of 100 components, and anything in between.

Optical drive not reading games after changing optical drives but it can read CD's & Blueray disks.

Change out pcb board with original pcb board from original failed machine

Parts Description Source
SN75DP159RSBT HDMI Retimer IC U8B2 Mouser
TPN8R903NL,LQ 4C50 Big Mosfet U9D2 See Fig. 1 Mouser
HDMI2C4-5F2 HDMI ESD/Booster IC U8B1 See Fig. 2 Mouser
HDMI Filters/Chokes EG7B5
NCP5901BMNTBG Mosfet Gate Driver Q9D2 See Fig. 3 Mouser
  • Fig. 1 TPN8R903NL,LQ
  • Fig. 2 HDMI2C4-5F2
  • Fig. 3 NCP5901BMNTBG