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Xbox One (1520/1540)

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Xbox One has an external power brick, if the orange light blinks then the PSU is faulty

Xbox One

Problem Solution
Console makes beeping noises Hold the Bind button (its on the left side of the console) + eject and then press the Xbox logo. Sometimes it doesnt work so you should try again. It should turn on normally.
Console makes beeping noises (first solution didint work) check if the heatsink makes contact with the APU, inspect for water damage, try a different hard drive.
No power, beeps and turns off try a new power supply the original fat xbox one had external power supply's that had a very high failure rate, a light on the power supply does not mean its good, it can still be bad
No power, beep or no response Check the mosfets, a bad mosfet and can prevent it from turning it on. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_gnCulgEUg)
No power, no response, but receiving 5V in Check 5V components near the Southbridge chip, a short can prevent the unit from turning on.