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The XPS 9500 is a 15" laptop released in May 2020. It was a complete redesign of the laptop featuring a 16:10 screen, smaller bezels on the bottom, and a thinner & lighter design.

Replacement Parts[edit | edit source]

Replacing the battery[edit | edit source]

When getting a replacement battery, especially one shipped from Dell, it may come without an attached cable that plugs into the motherboard. This requires the old cable that is taped to the bottom of the old battery to be removed to then be attached to the new battery. First remove the old battery from the laptop by un-attaching the battery cable from the motherboard and unscrewing the battery from the chassis. Then flip the battery over to see the cable plugged into the old battery on the bottom side. To unplug the cable from the old battery, you need to angle the cable bracket up about 45 degrees, then simply pull the cable out. It will not pull straight out without angling it up slightly due to the bracket being recessed in a plastic cutout. There are no additional mechanisms locking in the cable bracket.