Walksnail Avatar VTX

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Manufacture: https://walksnail.com/[edit | edit source]

Avatar VTX

About[edit | edit source]

The Avatar VTX is designed to be used with the Fat Shark Dominator and Walksnail Avatar HD FPV Goggles.

Internal Images[edit | edit source]

Avatar Standard VTX - Up to 6S
Walsnail Avatar VTX Top PCB
Walksnail Avatar VTX Bottom PCB
VTX PCB - Chipset believed to be Artosyn AR9201 VTC PCB Bottom View
Avatar Mini 1S Whoop VTX 3-5V
Avatar Whoop 1S VTX Top
Avatar Whoop 1S VTX Bottom
Whoop VTX PCB Top Whoop VTX PCB Bottom

Common Issues[edit | edit source]

Damaged or missing UART connector.

Connector Pinout and pad locations.

Avatar FPV VTX Uart Repair
Common failure that 5v regulator blows and VTX dead.

PN CPS5333 from Convenient Power Semiconductor

Pinout Below.

If shorted on output of Regulator likely Dialog DA9062 on reverse on PCB Shorted to ground.

Avatar VTX 5V Regulator Repair
CPS5333 from Convenient Power Semiconductor
CPS5333 5V Regulator
Shorted 5v output on CPS5333 likely caused by Dialog DA9062
Avatar VTX Dialog DA9062

Specification[edit | edit source]

Avatar Specification .webp