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Discussion[edit source]

If you are authorized to make decisions by Louis or a Rossmann Group employee, feel free to mark "[yes]" after any point to signal that the suggestion should be followed through.

List of details that may need to be added in the future[edit source]

  • change the front page to about the organization and create separate pages for standard etc.
  • requirements for membership
  • how to apply
  • how standards will be enforced
  • differentiate standards (required regulations) from best practices (highly encouraged but not mandatory)
  • how to suggest/appeal standards {suggesting or appealing standards should be done via this system, but should require approval from a moderator - rather than allowing anyone to edit and it immediately updating the public page.}

Possible changes to standards/formatting/categorization[edit source]

  • move 16 and 17 to customer interactions
  • move answering phones under customer service
  • move 30 and 31 to customer communications (30 makes sense i added it 31 is redundant to the first part of the section) -TalviFox
  • move 32, 33, and 34 to handling of customer devices
  • move 35 to customer communications (kk) -TalviFox
  • move conduct under internal operations
  • restart a numbering scheme for each subsection for scalability. ex. 1.2.3

Standard Formatting?[edit source]

Do you want the page to look more like a traditional wiki or a table. Its a bit messy in a table (ironically) -TalviFox

I personally prefer a table because it's easier to read and is more visually appealing. Though I'm still working on it (but I'm stuck with school). -TheMainOne
I only ask because its not usually how a wiki is formatted. Tables can be useful (and should have a place) but it seems to clutter otherwise simple information. -TalviFox

Websites and Google Business[edit source]

I think that adding an area about online services may be good. Many repair shops should have a focus on their website and internet traffic as a whole as many potential customers search online before they visit.

Non-Rossmann work items[edit source]

Hi Louis, I (Kingdud (talk) 21:22, 23 August 2020 (PDT)) am answering your call to help you organize and make changes to this wiki. What do you want tweaked? For starters, I could break the front page into sub-pages. It would look the same, but each section would be its own page (this makes large pages more manageable). Additionally, if you wanted to include, say, the Customer Interaction section, on multiple pages, it would allow you to have one Customer Interaction page that shows up in 4 places, but you'd only need to edit one page and all 4 places would automatically update. The mediawiki feature for this is called 'templates'. It's already built in to the software you are running. This would also allow each page to exist in its own category, with any page using that template automatically inheriting the categories of any templates that appear on that page.

Is there any other way I can help out? Also, e-mail for this wiki doesn't work. I understand if that is intentional. But in case it wasn't, I cannot receive e-mail from this wiki on either gmail nor my personal domain (via mxroute).

Hi all, I Unknown h (talk) agree with Kingdud creating sub pages is must, I would also look at changing the welcome page to something more inviting. In stead of just basic information it could set out the aim of the wiki, goals for it and introduce this organization that Rossmann has talk so much about. You should probably set a too do page as a first priority(I know that the discussion page is currently being used for this but something that is a bit more formal and for the whole website would be good),this would allow other people to contribute to the wiki in an ordered fashion.

Hi. I Psilbern, 2020-08-24 22:52 agree with the multiple sections and the welcome page being a landing page to other content. I also think that all content should be accessible eventually via clicking on links. For example the How to Clean a Motherboard isn't accessible other than search.

Louis if you want a temporary logo please add this line to your LocalSettings.php after the $wgScriptPath line source

$wgLogo = $wgScriptPath . '/images/c/c2/RossmannWikiLogo.png';

Urgent[edit source]

The place is being overrun with spammers. Recent changes is ~all spam. Make it harder to create an account... Savior (talk) 21:35, 25 November 2020 (PST)