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A1311 and A1312 are 21.5 inch and 27 inch Apple iMacs manufactured from late 2009-Mid 2011 These machines have removable Graphics Cards in an MXM Slot. Contrary to what owners may be told by apple or apple authorized service *NONE of these models have a soldered on graphics card.

  • Some Late 2009 21 inch iMacs have an integrated Nvidia 9400m Graphics Chip and lack an MXM slot

That being said, The Ati Radeon 4xxx (2009 models) Ati Radeon 5xxx (2010) and Ati Radeon 6xxx (2011) graphics cards found in these iMacs are prone to Failure. These machines use the Same Graphics chip as found in 2011 Macbook Pro(15 " and 17")

The failure rate varies by year with 2011 being the most affected

A1311 Proper Graphics Card Maintenance[edit source]

Problem Solution

Graphical artifacts, checkered lines, discoloration. Machine hangs on boots, crashes or boots to an unstable state, white screen

Dissasemeble the machine and remove the faulty Radeon graphics card and replace with MXM Nvidia graphics cards with a Kepler architecture with *DELL/Alienware* Bios

Suitable Graphics cards Dell Quadro K2000m Dell Quadro K3000m (MXM-B) DellNvidia GTX 765M

  • MXM-B Graphics cards are larger should be only be used in A1312 27 inch Models
  • A Quadro 2000m /= A Quadro K2000m ( the K means Kepler) Do not buy or use Quadro 2000m/Quadro 3000m
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