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Apple[edit | edit source]

iPads[edit | edit source]

iPads are a line of tablets made by Apple Inc.

7.9" 9.7” 10.2” 10.5” 10.9" 11” 12.9”
iPad by model and year
2013 A1474
2015 A1550
2016 A1673/4
2017 A1822/3 A1701/9 A1670/1
2018 A1893/A1954 A1980/A2013 A1876/A2014
2019 A2133/26 A2197/A2200 A2152/3
2020 A2270/A2428 A2316/A2324 A2228/A2068 A2229/A2069

iPad first gen 2010 not powering on:

The battery has been deeply discharged and has to be replaced. There are techniques that may work, but do these at your own risk. I personally tried this and it fixed my two dead iPads.

Samsung[edit | edit source]

Samsung Galaxy Note[edit | edit source]

Samsung Galaxy Tab[edit | edit source]

Google[edit | edit source]

Google Nexus[edit | edit source]

Google Pixel[edit | edit source]

Acer[edit | edit source]

Asus Transformer Pad[edit | edit source]

Asus Transformer Pad

Amazon[edit | edit source]

Kindle[edit | edit source]

Asus[edit | edit source]

Iconia[edit | edit source]