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TXINLEI 8858+ rework station

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TXINLEI 8858+ rework station
Manufacturer TXINLEI
Code name 8858+
Device release date
Device type Other

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The TXINLEI 8858+ is a rework station which is sold for a very reasonable price.

Besides the heat gun, it has a seperate controller with which the temperature and airflow can be adjusted.

When you plug it in, it shows 'OFF' on the display. When pressing the ON/OFF button, it will show '---' in the display until you pick it up from the stand.

Then it heats up and the selected temperature is shown.

When one puts it back on the stand it will cool down again.

The device is sold on sites a like Amazon and Yahoo for a very reasonable price but without a lot of details.

I assumed it would work in my country where we use 100 volt (50Hz).

However on the back of the device it states 110-240 volt.

Device pictures[edit | edit source]

Problem Table[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution
Device will only show 'OFF' on the display.

Device will almost instantly turn off after pressing the ON/OFF button.

When using it with 100 volt @ 50Hz, the device will most of the time just show 'OFF' in the display after pressing the ON/OFF button.

(With 200 volt it turned on without any problems.) I see a lot of people complaining about the device not turning on in my country. The problem seems to be an incorrect component in the circuit that generates the voltage for the fan and microcontroller. A PN8304 is used in the power circuit which is marked as U1 on the main board. (near the buzzer)

The datasheet for the PN8304 show that capacitor C3 is supposed to be an electrolytic capacitor of 4.7uF/25V.
PN8304 schematic
Ceramic capacitor c3
The TXINLEI 8858+ is using a ceramic capacitor.

Replacing this ceramic capacitor with an electrolytic capacitor solved the problem for me.

I wasn't able to confirm if the ceremic capacitor was 4.7 uF.
Electrolytic capacitor
With the electrolytic capacitor installes device turns on after pressing the ON/OFF button as expected.

I only had an SMD type capacitor at hand but since there is enough space inside the housing, a normal sized capacitor will also do the job. Note that the orientation of the electrolytic capacitor does matter. Pin 1 and 2 (joined together) connect to the GND side of the capacitor. Pin 4 connects to the + side of the capacitor.

So the + side of the capacitor is facing outwards.
05 capacitor 2.png
The device is easily opened by removing the 4 screws under the rubber pads on the back :
screws on the back under the rubber pads
In order the easily access the capacitor C3, remove the mainboard from the case. None of the connectors and power switch are fixed to the case.
screws for the mainboard