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Steris Century SV-1262

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Autoclaves are used for sterilization of medical, biology, dental equipment.

They are powered by steam through a central building steam line or through water and heating element. Typically run at around 121 degrees for a few hours for the sterilization cycle

Problem Solution

Stuck at loading screen. Low 5V rail.

  • Adjust trim pot to increase 5V rail voltage
  • Recap or replace Power supply. Be sure to use high temperature capacitors (105 or 130) and longest lifetime capacitors you can find.
  • Power supply model is Condor MSP-1311-101

Printer printing out dots and dashes and not advancing log paper correctly.

  • replace printer its an Epson M-180-031. The plastic gears crack and fail to advance the paper further. Repairs do not last very long.
  • Replacement ribbon cartridge is ERC-22B