Sony STR-AV220

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The Sony STR-AV220, STR-AV220A, STR-AV320R and STR-AV320RA were receivers (radio+amplifier) built around 1990. The difference between the models were input voltage (220V for Asia, Pacific, Europe and West Germany vs. 240V for UK), output watts and remote control.

Problems and solutions[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Intermittent sound at low volume

Replace relay RY601. A G2R-2A4-24DC will fit and work perfectly.

Forgets preset radio stations when power is disconnected.

Replace battery BA301 (CR2025). Best solution is to install a socket for a CR2025 or CR2032 or similar 3.3V coin cell. Solder one of the legs of the socket into the PCB, and use an enamel wire to connect the other pin. To make the battery easily replaceable in the future, mount the socket on the underside of the board. Use kapton tape as necessary to prevent shorts. Now the battery can be easily replaced via the small access door on the bottom of the case, requiring almost no disassembly.

CR2032 socket mounted on the underside of the PCB (Opposite side of the original battery)