Sennheiser HDR 180

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Sennheiser HDR 180 are headphones that go with the Sennheiser TR 180 transmitter, Combined together make the RS 180 series.

Common Issues[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

LED Flashes for 5 seconds then off for 5 seconds.

The headphones may be interrupted by a Wi-Fi signal from a computer, or router that prevents it from connecting to transmitter. Try moving transmitter away from any Wi-fi emitting sources. This also includes microwaves which can also block signals from the transmitter to the headphones and vice versa.

Headphones not charging

Clean the gold charging connectors on headphones and the transmitter with a cloth, or q-tip. The gold connectors can sometimes build up with oils from hair which disrupt charging ability.

Worn ear pads

Hold the outside of ear pads and turn anti-clock wise. New ear pads are available on the Sennheiser website, or available through third party.

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