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Samsung Phones

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Samsung Phones
Founding date
Device type(s) Smartphone"Smartphone" is not in the list (Tablet, Other, Laptop, Desktop Computer, Computer Part, Game Console, Phone, Television, Monitor, Camera, ...) of allowed values for the "Device type" property., Tablet, Computer"Computer" is not in the list (Tablet, Other, Laptop, Desktop Computer, Computer Part, Game Console, Phone, Television, Monitor, Camera, ...) of allowed values for the "Device type" property., Home appliance"Home appliance" is not in the list (Tablet, Other, Laptop, Desktop Computer, Computer Part, Game Console, Phone, Television, Monitor, Camera, ...) of allowed values for the "Device type" property.

Samsung is a South Korean multinational manufacturing conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. It manufacturers a variety of devices, including Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Laptops, Appliances & more.

Products[edit | edit source]

Galaxy S Series[edit | edit source]

Samsung's Flagship model smart phone As of 2020 and the galaxy s20 the two digits after S is the release year of the device

Repair Tips[edit | edit source]

ipa damage
zones where use of isopropyl alcohol can cause oled damage
  • Dial *#0*# for onboard diagnostics on most S series models with ONE UI HOME installed. also hardware diagnostics are available under Settings > battery and device care> hardware diagnostics these ones are guided and more user friendly but don't provide as much technical data.
  • pay attention to the arrows samsung prints and stamps on components they often designate:
    • intended pry points
    • orientation of removeable of flex cable
    • screw holes that as on that 'assembly layer' E.g. main and sub board hold downs
  • Be careful with the use of isopropyl alcohol on batteries and front facing cameras if you are disassembling a phone with a intact oled display. there are serval cutouts in the frame directly exposing the absobatant thermal shield tape of the oled in these areas on many models, ingress of alcohol will quickly blackout pixels permanently.

Screws[edit | edit source]

  • note the color of screws threadlocker color code isn't universal but color does indicate fastener length or in some cases a different diameter or thread pitch
    • almost all samsung phones use a majority of the same size and length of JIS (philips without a square core) #0 - 00
  • unscrewing fasteners while device frame is still heated from removal of back panels is recommended due to Samsung's systematic use of thread locker on all screws heat loosens its bond between male and female threads.
    • i prefer using bit JIS #0 as it tends to not strip threadlocker applied screws
      jis transformative so my work
      example of the difference between jis and phillips head screwsround peg square hole visa versa problem.JIS works well in PH screws PH doesn't work well in JIS screws (*always use JIS *opinion*)

Troubleshooting and common issues[edit | edit source]

Models (oldest lowest option)-(newest highest option)[edit | edit source]
systemic issues causes fixes
Galaxy s20-23ultra magnetic compass (location flex) diagnostic failure under *#0*# test menu bad ground to frame on flex / inner frame cricuts to due capillary action of display adhesive under and around the sensor (theory needs more testing) heat the display to 74-76 C° clamp with a soft jaw clamp or press in a padded screw down press. focus pressure and heat in the space above the front facing camera cutout where the proximity sensor grille is located.
all models allows for over discharge of batteries in storage passive board drain (rtc clock and other ics) of li-ion cells exceeds to low voltage shutoff threshold

often associated with old devices and simple data recovery repairs (modular component replacement)

jump the raw tab leads of the cell to a charged spare. or raw dc leads of a usb cable also work, be mindful of putting 5 volts DC usb power into a 3.7 - 4.2 volt cell for too long (more than 30 seconds) may lead to some safety concerns and cell damage. use caution and critical thinking when working with the li ion batteries in unintended ways.

charge externally with a adequate charging machine. i use a CADEX c-7400 battery analyzer but this machine is overkill for most operations. with a tac welding machine you can use and samsung pouch cell with your old bms in cases where you want to restore life to a retro device for functional collectors or data recovery proposes.

S22 ultra, other curved edge models (note 20 20+ 20U) "Edge" variants (discontinued) fragile display poor design choices by samsung screen replacements lots of them.
Name Guides Additional Information
Galaxy S
Galaxy S 4G
Galaxy S advance
Galaxy S blaze
Galaxy S2
Galaxy S3
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S5
Galaxy S6
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S9
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10 Plus
Galaxy S10E Has systemic battery and power IC issues often inflated li-ion cells
Galaxy S10 5G Repair guides Power IC micro soldering! (Released 2019, April) yes this exists for some reason) Model SM-G977U USA, 997B Global 997N Korea 9970 China
Galaxy S20
Galaxy S20 FE 5g
Galaxy S20 Plus
Galaxy S20 ULtra
Galaxy S21 Repair Guides Models: SM-G991B, SM-G991B/DS (International); SM-G991U (USA); SM-G991U1 (USA unlocked); SM-G991W (Canada); SM-G991N (Korea); SM-G9910 (China) (Source)
Galaxy S21 FE Repair Guides Models: SM-g990U Parts hard to source and some US carriers only support FE Series phones. software update support lags behind the regular S21.
Galaxy S21 Plus [https://www.ifixit.com/Device/Samsung%20Galaxy%20S21%20Plus Repair Guides Models: SM-G996B, SM-G996B/DS (International); SM-G996U (USA); SM-G996U1 (USA unlocked); SM-G996W (Canada); SM-G996N (Korea); SM-G9960 (China) Back glass panel is extremely fragile even when using automated repair fixtures.
Galaxy S21 Ultra Repair Guides SM-G998B, SM-G998B/DS (International); SM-G998U (USA); SM-G998U1 (USA unlocked); SM-G998W (Canada); SM-G998N (Korea); SM-G9980 (China)
Galaxy S22 Repair Guides Models: SM-S901B, SM-S901B/DS (International); SM-S901U (USA); SM-S901U1 (USA unlocked); SM-S901W (Canada); SM-S901N (Korea); SM-S9010 (China); SM-S901E (Asia/Africa)
Galaxy S22 Plus Repair Guides Models: SM-S906B, SM-S906B/DS (International); SM-S906U (USA); SM-S906U1 (USA unlocked); SM-S906W (Canada); SM-S906N (Korea); SM-S9060 (China); SM-S906E (Asia/Africa)
Galaxy S22 Ultra Repair Guides Models: SM-S908B, SM-S908B/DS (International); SM-S908U (USA); SM-S908U1 (USA unlocked); SM-S908W (Canada); SM-S908N (Korea); SM-S9080 (China); SM-S908E (Asia/Africa) Curved glass edges are fragile to drops and impossible to protect via cases / screen protectors. screen repair parts are always in short supply and high demand. Notably unusably high trade in value as of 6/2023
Galaxy S23

Released 2023, February 17

teardown Models: SM-S911B, SM-S911B/DS, SM-S911U, SM-S911U1, SM-S911W, SM-S911N, SM-S9110, SM-S911E, SM-S911E/DS
Galaxy S23 Plus

Released 2023, February 17

Teardown Models: SM-S916B, SM-S916B/DS, SM-S916U, SM-S916U1, SM-S916W, SM-S916N, SM-S9160, SM-S916E, SM-S916E/DS (China)
Galaxy S23 Ultra

Released 2023, February 17

Repair guides Models: SM-S918B, SM-S918B/DS, SM-S918U, SM-S918U1, SM-S918W, SM-S918N, SM-S9180, SM-S918E, SM-S918E/DS (China)

Galaxy Note Series[edit | edit source]

Discounted new releases globally, still manufacturing and selling galaxy note 20 and 21 models as of 6/23 the "one with the stylus" is now the 'Ultra' option in the flagship galaxy S Series starting from S22 Ultra Onwards. This is very confusing if your familiarized with the galaxy line up.

Name Guides Additional Information
Galaxy Note Repair Guides Model: SGH-I717

Legacy Pages[edit | edit source]

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