Samsung Galaxy Note series

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Problem Solution
Unresponsive boot into the phone even when replacing the battery and plugging up phone note 4/5 and older particularly the 4/5 series suffer from nand solder balls popping and applying and keeping pressure over the nand will normally allow the phone to boot to retrieve data
Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus
Problem Solution
Doesn't charge.

Shows Temperature Warning

In most cases, this is caused from the NFC/Wireless Coil connector on the board.

Usually it happens after the back glass breaks, which ends up pushing & breaking the NFC connector which is weak, for some reason.

So it requires you to replace the NFC to repair it.

Here's a full video tutorial on the repair:

Galaxy Note 8[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution
Doesn't charge.

Phone says it is charging, but pulls 0 amps, and does not go up any percentage

Replace PMIC SM5720