Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2"

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Battery replacement[edit | edit source]

Tools required:

  • a plastic safe pry tool
  • a very small cross screwdriver
  • new battery

What to watch out for?

  • I can't recommend to buy an original Samsung battery - the tablet is quite old and any original batteries that left the factory then are old as well. Consider an off-brand replacement - use your best judgement.

Battery replacement procedure:

  • use the safe pry tool's edge to remove the plastic back plate
  • undo the two ribbon cables; if there's tape on them - undo it as well
  • get a good look at the battery connector - take a photo, remember how it's plugged in
  • undo the battery connection
  • unscrew the screws around the battery (big white rectangle covering more than half of visible part)
  • remove the battery
  • insert the new battery
  • connect the battery to where it was connected previously; make sure the connection is good - if you can, compare with a photo of the original connection
  • plug in the two ribbon cables; secure all connectors with little pieces of tape for better durability of the connection
  • plug in your charger; check if the usual signs of charging are visible on screen
  • if it's okay, unplug the charger, screw the battery back in and snap the back cover back in place