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SEGA Saturn

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sega saturn ( all models)
Bad Video the most common reason for bad video on a Sega Saturn are bad capacitors and the entire board should be recapped at once, the other problem that causes bad video are the EMI filters on the video output go bad and they are no longer being made and compatible replacements are very hard to source and normally have to be wedged in at a bad angle do to size issues, the preferred EMI filter replacement was DSS6NC52A101Q55B but there no longer made so model EMI101T-RC seems to work as a replacement now but there much bigger and need to be wedged in at angles

the other issue Sega Saturn's suffer from on the Va7 motherboards is the VDP2 (the 2nd video display chip) going bad, (va8 and 9) are also similar boards but seem to suffer much less from the VDP2 chip going bad. this can be normally ruled as the issue if BOTH emi filter and capacitors have been replaced and non moving animations look ok (example settings menu looks fine but main menu with moving icons looks like it has bad colors )

No Power The Sega Saturn only Supports 120V or 240v depending on which Region the Console comes from. Some People tend to plug in NTSC Consoles in PAL Countries which destroys 2 Components of the Power Supply.

Fix: Replace the Fuse [F101]

Replace the Varistor [VR101]

Note: It's important to replace the Varistor as well otherwise the Fuse will blow again.