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PlayStation Portable

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There are 5 variants:

  • 100x (Fat)
  • 200x (Slim)
  • 300x (Slim & Lite)
  • N100x (Go)
  • E100x (Street)

The modular design results in shared components:

  • Analog stick: 3k, Street
  • Battery: 2k, 3k†
  • Charging port: 2k, 3k

†Batteries designed for the 100x models are compatible and functional with the 200x models, however, the 200x's battery door can not be used with 100x batteries. While they do clip in and hold themselves in place, they are exposed, thus, not recommended for use outside of testing purposes. Extended battery covers for the 200x/300x models that can accommodate the larger 100x battery were produced by Sony and replicas are readily available.

The market is tiny and there is a fully retrocompatible upgrade, PS Vita.

Joystick drift[edit | edit source]

The most common issue. A new module costs 1~3€ on AliExpress.

Problem Solution
2k: the stick is stuck at the upper-left corner, or only/mostly the vertical axis works Poor connection between the joystick circuit and motherboard due to the rubber piece. If it doesn't respond at all, just stays in the upper-left corner, it's as if there was no stick connected at all (this might be true for all models since they all use the same software). Temporary fix: gently push on the lower left of the screen above where the connection is.
2k or all: inconsistent, light movement Taking the module apart and cleaning it might help. (in my case vertical started working)
2k, 3k battery stopped working Some unofficial batteries get their board fried if the console is charged via USB, this can be disabled to prevent but doesn't fix it.

Homebrew software[edit | edit source]

You can disable/neutralize functions (that are not working properly or you don't use): analogue stick via CFE + JoySens, optical drive via NoUMD.

E100x[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution
No display, but green/orange LED on and sound on movement audible. Can be the fuse F4001 0.5A blown on the backside. When a replacement fuse blows again, check that the two last pins of the display connector, the ones nearest to the headphone jack at the bottom of the pcb are not shorted. And that neither the lines of the display are.
No power at all. Check all fuses, but most likely the one F6602 2.5A next to power connector is blown.
Chip M844C023 (the metal covered one near the power connector) gets really hot. Swap the chip with one from a donor.