PlayStation 4 Slim

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Problem Solution
Not Reading/Accepting disks or won't Update
  • Blown Fuse near F6202 Renasas IC (SCEI R9J04G011FP1) or the IC (SCEI R9J04G011FP1) itself is bad
  • If you recently had your disk drive work and out of nowhere it stopped accepting disks, update your PS4 using safe mode, also power cycle your PS4 by removing the plug, and then hit the power button while turned off. Also, remove the front cover and watch how the disks go in and out. Check that the worm motor works, all the other motors are working and greased up.
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module, Controller to work in safe mode, but not be able to sync in boot.
  • Replace Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module, it is desirable to replace it with an identical one, if you do not have an identical one you can use another one (from the same series of consoles, fat to fat, slim to slim), in that case after replacement Bluetooth/Wi-Fi the console must be updated (basically the drivers from for new module to install )
Disc Drive No Power
  • If a ps4 slim disk drive has no power (or only beeps) a common problem is one of the disk drive fuses blowing. check for continuity because these fuses sometimes still look good visibly on the outside and there are 2 fuses F6202 & F6201 near each other that could cause this
Controller not connecting when powered on or in safe mode
  • Verify using known good data + charge micro usb cable. Otherwise southbridge (CXD90042GG) failure.
No Image on screen but console turns on.
  • Verify that the HDMI port isn't damaged both pins that connect to the HDMI cable can be bent or damaged and it is possible that the pins that connect to the board can also be damaged also check that you have a good working HDMI cable.
  • If HDMI port is good and all pins are soldered on well to the board you might have your tv recognize that an HDMI connection but still no image. It is very likely that you will need to replace the HDMI encoder IC.
Error message SU-42118-6
  • Check the motherboard fuses around the disc drive connectors on the top and bottom of the board. F6201 and F6202 are common faults.
  • Can be caused by a bad BD IC.
  • Renasas may have failed. This chip is paired to each particular console and can't be replaced