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The fat PlayStation 3 with its controller.

This page covers the original "Fat" PlayStation 3 models. For information on models other than what's listed here, see PlayStation 3 Slim or PlayStation 3 Super Slim.

Models[edit | edit source]

There are 12 different models of the original PlayStation 3. At the end of each model number is a two digit suffix that indicates the region that the model was made for. The tables below give a brief overview of every fat retail PS3 ever released alongside applicable regions and their suffixes.

Model list [1]
Model # PS2 Compatibility? Original HDD Size Notes
CECH-Axx Yes; EE+GS & RDRAM hardware included. 60gb Launch NTSC model. Not released in PAL regions
CECH-Bxx Yes; EE+GS & RDRAM hardware included. 20gb Launch NTSC model. Not released in PAL regions.
CECH-Cxx Yes; GS hardware included. EE & RDRAM emulated via software. 60gb Launch PAL model.
CECH-Exx Yes; GS hardware included. EE & RDRAM emulated via software. 80gb NTSC version of the CECH-Cxx model. The only other difference is HDD size.
CECH-Gxx No 40gb First model to use NOR flash memory to store firmware.
CECH-Hxx No 40gb
CECH-Jxx No 40gb
CECH-Kxx No 80gb
CECH-Lxx No 80gb
CECH-Mxx No 80gb
CECH-Pxx No 160gb
CECH-Qxx No 160gb Last model of the fat PS3 lineup.
Region / Suffix list [2]
Region Suffix Example
Japan 00 CECH-A00
USA / Canada 01 CECH-A01
Oceania 02 CECH-C02
United Kingdom / Ireland 03 CECH-C03
Europe / Middle East / Africa 04 CECH-C04
Korea 05 CECH-E05
Southeast Asia 06 CECH-A06
Taiwan 07 CECH-A07
Russia / Ukraine / India 08 CECH-C08
Latin America 11 CECH-E11
Hong Kong 12 CECH-A12

Diagnosing the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death)[edit | edit source]

All fat PS3s can suffer from the Yellow Light of Death. Unfortunately, a YLOD doesn't really tell much, other than a failure in the hardware initialization phase has occurred. This can mean anything from a dead GPU to a dead capacitor supplying power to the southbridge. To really know for a fact where in the hardware_init phase it failed, you'll need to solder a UART connection to the system controller (syscon). For now, follow the documents included in this repository here

General Issues[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution
Applications won't launch, can't update the console
  • Check the BluRay-Drive and the Bluetooth+Wifi module
PS3 freezes on boot, laggy XMB, games/apps freeze, longer than usual load times
  • Check/test the HDD and replace if bad.
Loud fan or Overheating
  • Replace the thermal paste, clean the fans
  • Delid the CELL/BE and RSX
  • Put a piece of hard eraser under the CELL/BE and RSX. More about this mod here
RLOD (Red Light of Death)
  • Check if you haven't corrupted the CoreOS files, reflash the flash chips if necessary.
YLOD, bad color after a few minutes /lines this could be a multitude of problems, bad gpu, bad solder balls on gpu, but the easiest and first step should be replacing the NEC capacitors on the back of the gpu with 470uF 6.3v TANTALUM capacitors 4 in place of each NEC capacitor removed
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