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Philips Norelco Reflex Plus 6613X

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Philips Norelco Reflex Plus

Philips Norelco Reflex Plus electric shaver model 6613X teardown.

The PCB has very few components and is based on a single Philips IC [TEA1520X SMPS IC] which takes rectified AC Mains and produces a small DC voltage. The PCB is single sided copper with SMT components on the copper side and through hole components on the non-copper side. The electronics are powered directly by AC Mains. However, isolation is provided by the housing and mechanical components as all electronics are isolated with plastic hardware. The Electronics BOM consists of a small DC motor, an AC power jack, 7 through hole components (8 if you include the battery), and 9 SMT components. According to the data sheet, the SMPS IC can operate from over 450V rectified AC. Rectification is provided by D1-D4, with D2 pulling double duty as the Charge indicator LED.

Common Problems[edit | edit source]

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Teardown photos[edit | edit source]

PCB Photos

Reflex Plus PCB Copper LayerThis unit is missing the battery which leaked, damaging the PCB. I believe the battery was just a common NiCad cell. Does not operate without battery in circuit.
PCB Non-Copper Layer
Reflex Plus PCB Through Hole Components

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