PS4 12xx Teardown

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Welcome to the guide for a complete teardown of the PS4 12xx Model! This guide features pictures of screw locations as well as locations for major parts

Any additional pictures or explanations are appreciated! If you are looking for a more general overview of the console, check out PlayStation 4

Before starting the teardown, make sure you have the right PS4 model. You can distinguish the PS4 12xx series by the top left portion of the housing being matte and not glossy, only being two screw holes/screw covers on the back, or by checking on the bottom of the console.

For this teardown, the main tools used are:

  • Screwdriver with Phillips 0 and 000 sizes as well as a Torx Security T9 Bit (has a circular cutout in the middle)
  • Pry tool
  • Thermal Paste
  • Thermal Pads (optional)
  • Q-tips and Isopropyl Alcohol (preferably 90% or above)

Part 1: Removing the Outer Shell[edit | edit source]

Once you are sure that you have the right PS4 Model, start by removing the top left portion of the top housing of the PS4 (the two parts of the top housing are separated at the power button). Push the entire left part of the top housing to the left until it clicks and slides out of place. Then, pull it up and away from the rest of the console. This gives you access to remove/change the hard drive of your PS4 and also exposes some screws connecting the other part of the top housing to the console.

Next, turn around to the back of the console to find either two screws or two warranty stickers. If you see two warranty stickers, remove them to reveal the two screws underneath them (they may have already been removed). Use the Torx Security T9 screwdriver bit to remove these two screws. After they have been removed, turn back to the top of the console and remove the two other screws holding the top housing to the rest of the console circled in red in the photos below). Once they have also been removed, the top left housing can be removed.

Finally, remove the bottom housing. The bottom housing is one large piece and should come out with the eject button attached to it. The bottom housing on the 12xx models is held in considerably tighter than the 10xx and 11xx models because there is only 1 screw holding it in. To remove the bottom housing without damaging it, slip a thin pry tool between the internal and external housings and move it towards the larger part of the bottom housing to free it from the hooks holding it in on both sides.