Nintendo Switch Joycons

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Problem Possible Solutions Reference Photo or Diagram
Unresponsive or intermittent R Trigger Under some circumstances, the R trigger switch may result in ripped pads on the board. See the reference photo for alternate solder points to run jumper wires. Ground pads on either side of the switch can be soldered to the ground plane. 0.1mm jumper wire is recommended for this repair. Joycon R Trigger Alternate Pinout
Controller won't charge There are two fuses on each controller board. One fuse comes in from the lower ribbon cable, one fuse connects directly to the positive line on the battery connector. The issue most often will be either of these fuses needing a replacement or a faulty ribbon cable.
Controller won't pair If the controller will not pair to the console, it is necessary to narrow down the point of failure. First, from the HOME Menu on the Switch Console, select “Controllers,” then “Change Grip/Order.” While the following screen is displayed, press and hold down the SYNC Button for at least one second on the Joy-Con you wish to pair. If the Joy-Con pairs, the issue can either be a faulty rail connector on the console itself or a faulty connector on the Joy-Con lower ribbon cable. Testing the controller on another Nintendo Switch or careful visual inspection will be needed to determine the root cause.
Battery draining quickly Verify that there is a shortage on the controller. With a voltage injector or shortage detector, connect between 3-5 volts to the positive and negative battery terminals respectively. The power draw may go to about 0.3-0.8 amps, but it should drop to zero. Anything that does not drop to zero after a short period of time indicates a shorted component or failing IC somewhere on the board. Closer inspection with a thermal camera or additional probing may be required to determine the cause of the power draw. If there was no power shortage, a new battery may be required to resolve the issue.
Joystick drifting Joystick drift is a very common issue with Joycon. A low tech solution is to place a piece of cardstock cut to fit behind the joystick assembly. A more thorough fix is to replace the joystick entirely.
Buttons not pressing Sometimes this is due to bad connections, make sure that every ribbon cable is connected reliably and all the way in.