Logitech Unifying Reciever

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A quick guide to identify your reciever- if it is similar to the two left ones, this guide is not for you.

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

Unifying Reciever not being detected by PC[edit | edit source]

Note: Be sure that it isn't showing up in Device Manager (Windows), lsusb (Linux), or System Information (MacOS) before going ahead with this repair, as it is a driver issue if it shows up, but isn't working correctly, NOT a hardware issue.

Note: While the model of this adapter is C-U0007, this fix has also worked for F710 transmitters, G602 receiver, K800 receivers, and G700 receivers. While they may vary in appearance, this guide should still work provided it has the same form factor. To find the model number of your reciever, look here:


Step 1

  • Use a razor blade or piece of a soda can to pry the metal housing apart at the line indicated.

Note: when completing this step, do not be alarmed if the metal plate becomes bent, this can and will be fixed. Unifying reciever repair 1-1.jpg Unifying reciever 1-2.jpg

Step 2

  • Remove the black plastic cap, and remove the board from the plastic frame.Reciever-repair-1-3-122.png

Step 3

  • During reassembly, put a piece of dry paper towel in between the metal housing and the board, as indicated below.
  • TIP: Hold housing with a binder clip or pliers to help it bend back.
the main culprit

Step 4

  • Once the metal housing is bent into a shape where is can be plugged in without destroying your computer, test it out.
  • TIP: I recommend plugging it into a shallow port, such as this USB dock, to avoid having it get stuck and risk damage.


Step 5: FANSPIN!

  • when you plug it into your computer, it should be instantly recognized and on Macs may open up the keyboard configuration or similar windows along with a security alert. Put the black cap on and enjoy!
  • ]TIP: I recommend not plugging and unplugging this adapter often once this repair has been performed, as the receiver connector may become a bit fragile due to the housing. To avoid this, you can salvage another housing from a different USB cable.